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Re: MELT plugin 0.8rc4 for 4.6

On 11/07/11 03:15, Basile Starynkevitch wrote:
On Sun, 10 Jul 2011 19:00:14 +0200
Basile Starynkevitch<>  wrote:

For your information, I corrected that bug (not only made the workaround) on MELT svn rev. 176125.

So I think that the MELT plugin 0.8 final
(which I will probably release in a couple of days) will have that bug

I just released MELT plugin 0.8rc4 with that change. See and download

When I have a successful build report, I will release it as MELT 0.8 plugin.

Same news (w.r.t to MELT 0.7) as in

I can give a successful build report for melt-0.8rc4 on i686-pc-linux-gnu using "make all".

Some issues I noticed with "make install"

> make DESTDIR=/tmp/melt install
install: target `/tmp/melt//usr/lib/gcc/i686-pc-linux-gnu/4.6.1/plugin/include/' is not a directory: No such file or directory

This needs added to install-melt-includes:
	$(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)/$(MELTGCC_PLUGIN_DIR)/include/

Then I run into an error in install-melt-modules:
install: cannot stat `melt-modules/*.so': No such file or directory

In that directory I have three subdirectories containing built modules. I guess one of them is supposed to be used.

All other install targets work fine.


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