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Re: Advice for changing OpenMP translation

On Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 09:36:15PM +0900, Sho Nakatani wrote:
> I am trying to improve OpenMP task implementation.
> At first I thought I just have to modify ABIs (such as GOMP_task) internal
> but I realised I have to change the translation of OpenMP.
> My question is how to change the translation of OpenMP.
> (I guess I should edit gcc/omp-low.c:create_omp_child_function() but how?)
> I checked the current translation by
>   $ gcc -O2 -fopenmp -fdump-tree-ompexp omp_fib.c
> and realised a problem that limits flexibility of internal implementation.
> I want "GOMP_taskexit" ABI which is called just before functions
> bound to tasks (*._omp_fn.[0-9]) ends.
> Here a task finishes its work.
> My task scheduling implementation needs GOMP_taskexit ABI.

Why?  If your "GOMP_taskexit" is the last thing the *._omp_fn.[0-9] task
body will do, what is the difference between that and just the point when
the task body function returns?  If you want to do something after
GOMP_taskexit, you should explain what and why.


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