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RTEMS Port of GCJ Progress Report


This is the second report after “GCJ Porting for RTEMS Status
Report”[1]. During this time, I am
--- Focusing on running the testsuite and fix encountered problem
--- Submitting patches to related community

In details, I have got the testsuite result for boehm-gc, libffi and
libjava, which can be seen in rtemsgcj project’s trunk[2]. For
problems encountered in boehm-gc, they are fixed under Ivan’s help,
and the problems can be seen in mailing list[3](Just search rtems for
related information). For problems encountered in libjava, I have send
a mail to java-patches[4], some problems have been fixed while others
still in fixing.

The patches have been send to related communities, although libjava’s
patch still needs modify. For boehm-gc, the patch can be seen on
java-patches mailing list[5]. For RTEMS, the patch can be seen on
RTEMS mailing list[6]. For libjava, the patch also can be seen on
java-patches mailing list[7]. The libffi is worked on RTEMS/i386, so
there is no patch for it.

Next step, I will
+++ Make as more libjava test case PASS as possible and get the
libjava patch merged
+++ Move to a new architecture and repeat the porting progress

If you have any ideas on this project, please do not hesitate to contact me. :)


Best Regards,

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