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C++ mangling, function name to mangled name (or tree)


I am working on a plugin which permits simple static analysis. I would like my plugin to work with C++ but I have to take in account the C++ mangling.

I would like user of the plugin to give in arguments the name of the functions on which he would like a test to be run. That means that I must convert the string containing a function name (like "myclass::init") and get either the mangled name or the tree corresponding to the function. I know that there might be several results (functions with the same name and different arguments), a good policy for me would be to recover every concerned functions (at least for the moment).

I guess what I want to do is possible, because there are already some tools doing it (like gdb).

Also, when I use fdump-ipa-all, I get something interesting in the .visibility file:

int Application::test(int)/1 @0xb6cff6b4 (asm: _ZN11Application4testEi) availability:available analyzed reachable body externally_visible finalized
called by: int main()/2 (1.00 per call) (can throw external)

calls: int printf(const char*, ...)/4 (1.00 per call) (can throw external)

We get both the "real name" and the mangled one (_ZN11Application4testEi). But I don't know where I can find such translating.

I have looked at cp/mangle.c, which has some interesting function, for exemple giving the mangle named from the corresponding tree, but in this case, how can I get the tree?

If you have any idea, thanks!


Pierre Vittet

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