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Re: Merging Apple's Objective-C 2.0 compiler changes


thanks a lot for your answer.  That makes sense - I had not realized that most of the Apple GCC Objective-C / Objective-C++ changes 
were already sitting on the FSF servers in an Apple branch :-)  Can someone from the FSF confirm that it's OK to merge code from there ?

I did look at the branch, and it contains most of the functionality (so it's very useful) but unfortunately it's quite old 
(eg. it's still using to parse).

Why don't you upload one of the recent Apple GCC tarballs in a branch on the FSF server ?  It won't change/cost anything for Apple 
(the code is already distributed to the world under GPL v2+) but it means changes could be merged back into the FSF GCC which could
have much better support for Apple platforms.  More choice of compilers for Apple users is surely good for Apple. :-)

You don't have to do it, but contributing changes back to the original project seems to be the right, honourable thing to do,
particularly when it doesn't cost anything.  And most/all improvements you make to GCC are for Apple machines, so certainly
you want these improvements back into the FSF GCC to get more software work on Apple machines and sell more of them. :-)


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