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2010 GCC and GNU Toolchain Developers' Summit

4-15% speed-up in std::sort special case - is it worth the effort?

О спаме

Re: [Bulk] Re: x86 assembler syntax

[CFARM] New AMD donated Magny-Cours system with 24 1.5 GHz cores and 64 GB RAM

[plugin] compiling plugins with g++ and -pedantic gives getopt declaration error

[testsuite] How to conditionally skip a single dejagnu directive

[txcorp.com #14666] Resolved: culler down

[wwwdocs PATCH] re: mirror site http://gcc-ca.internet.bs

Add uninitialized attribute?

ARM / linux float ABI discrepancy

Beginner: Declarations do not show up when iterating through Gimple stmts

Better performance on older version of GCC

Bizarre GCC problem - how do I debug it?

Re: Broken links on gnu website.

Broken links on main gcc website.

build: are there situations where 'ar' does not work?

building nss-3.12.7 with 4.6.0 20100731

built-in atomic functions

BUILT_IN_FRONTEND - how did this work?

C99 and C++0x status pages

CALL_USED_REGISTERS per function basis

Re: Can a front end pass information to the Value Range Propagation Pass ?

Can a front end pass information to the Value Range Propagation Pass ?

Can anyone tell me how to mark an instruction as taking 2 instruction slots for the scheduler?

Canadian cross build fails on 64 bits build machine



Clustering switch cases

complex numbers in gcc

constraints and predicates

Could we use VIEW_CONVERT_EXPR to build ADDR_EXPR ?

Fw: Debugging plugins with gdb

define_peepholes in mn10300

Re: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

DW_AT_external bug 45153 - patch

End of GCC 4.6 Stage 1: October 27, 2010

Errors when invoking refs_may_alias_p_1

food for optimizer developers

For testing: full __float128 patch

Forward declarations and variable alignment weirdness

g++ Long compile times

gcc -Wp,-MD no longer working in svn build

GCC 4.5.1 Released

RE: GCC 4.5.1 Released (2)

GCC Binary

GCC summit tutorial proposal: Easily coding a GCC extension with MELT

gcc-4.3-20100801 is now available

gcc-4.3-20100808 is now available

gcc-4.3-20100815 is now available

gcc-4.3-20100822 is now available

gcc-4.3-20100829 is now available

Re: gcc-4.4-20080725 is now available

gcc-4.4-20100803 is now available

gcc-4.4-20100810 is now available

gcc-4.4-20100817 is now available

gcc-4.4-20100824 is now available

gcc-4.4-20100831 is now available

gcc-4.5-20100805 is now available

gcc-4.5-20100812 is now available

gcc-4.5-20100819 is now available

gcc-4.5-20100826 is now available

gcc-4.5.1 failing test: FAIL: abi_check

gcc-4.6-20100807 is now available

gcc-4.6-20100814 is now available

gcc-4.6-20100821 is now available

gcc-4.6-20100828 is now available

gcc.dg/graphite/interchange-9.c and small memory target

Gengtype : strange code in output_type_enum

Gengtype for plugins

get "stack smasshing" for code that uses pointers passed as references.

Re: GFDL/GPL issues


Guidance needed: hi-level steps to track an object until its destruction

hans-otto wei

Help for target with BITS_PER_UNIT = 16

How is the definition of stack canary on MIPS arch?

How to get attual method in GCC AST

http://gcc.gnu.org/install/specific.html maybe should mention memory settings for OpenBSD

Improving gengtype (for plugin support notably) - how to get a rather big patch accepted?

ira-assert keeps turning up

Irreducible loops in generated code

kernel BUG at fs/ext4/mballoc.c:2993!

legal work before submitting patches to GCC?

Link error

The Linux binutils is released

Matching Constraints and Predicate

A minor mistake in cse_main?

Re: MIPS: Get rid of branches to .subsections.

re: mirror site http://gcc-ca.internet.bs

mov arguments are the same

Need help in deciding the instruction set for a new target.

nobits for named section

Re: onlinedocs/libstdc++ appears stale

Optimization Switches

Parma Polyhedra Library 0.11

Patch PR c++/45200

Re: Performance optimizations for Intel Core 2 and Core i7 processors

porting gcc to new arch: unrecognizable insn

Problems with upstream versions of gmp, mpfr, and mpc [Was: Bug in Build System of gcc-4.5.1? Cannot Find libmpc.so.2]

A question about MAX_EXPR

Question about tree-switch-conversion.c

Regarding the GCC Binaries and Build status pages

Re: Reload problems with only one base reg for "base + offset" addressing mode

Remove "asssertions" support from libcpp

Research Region Based Memory Management for Imperative Languages

Restrict qualifier still not working?

Re: Segmentation fault for the following Fortran program at -O3 on x86-64.

Segmentation fault for the following Fortran program at -O3 on x86-64.

Semantics of PARALLEL that sets and uses CC0

RE: SH optimized software floating point routines

Re: Shouldn't alias_sets_conflict_p be replaced with rtx_refs_may_alias_p?

Shouldn't alias_sets_conflict_p be replaced with rtx_refs_may_alias_p?

Snapshot announcements (was: gcc-4.4-20080725 is now available)

some integer undefined behaviors in gcc

specs and X-s and canadian X-s.

symbol redefined errors

Template information with GCC 4.5

Thread model: simple and C

Re: Thread model: single and C programs

transitioning cloog to ppl-0.11

Turn on -fomit-frame-pointer by default for 32bit Linux/x86

Tutorial Proposal for GCC Summit

Usage of sizeof in testsuite/g++.dg/cpp0x/rv[1..8]p.C

valentino giuranno

x86 assembler syntax

Re: xfail syntax

Yang Hailin



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