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Re: Research Region Based Memory Management for Imperative Languages

We have had a long term plan (which has not fructified until now) of
implementing a static analysis for improving garbage collection. Our
paper in TOPLAS ( describes
our early work. The main bottle neck for our purpose is a good pointer
analysis and we have shifted our focus to that. Nothing shareable yet
on that front.

It may still be worthwhile implementing it using the existing pointer
analysis but I don't have the bandwidth for it. If someone wants to explore
improving dynamic allocation, this may be a good beginning. I will be
very happy to provide information.

Uday Khedker.

Matt Davis wrote, On Friday 27 August 2010 06:39 AM:
I am just trying to settle down on my PhD Computer Science dissertation
topic.  I want something low-level, compiler related, and more so
useful/practical.  I am considering region-based memory management, to show
memory efficiency and safety.  For imperative languages, such as c, this is
rather difficult from static-analysis alone (e.g. aliasing and weak-typing).
However, I do believe region-based management is possible.  If I were to take
something of this nature on for my topic, would it be valuable research, and is
it even worth the effort?  I am by far any kind of compiler guru, and figured
you all might know best.

The other option, would be to implement such concepts in a research language,
which can still be interesting, but I'm not sure how practical.


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