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Re: Improving gengtype (for plugin support notably) - how to get a rather big patch accepted?

Basile Starynkevitch <> writes:

> *  what is a sequence of related small patches? Is it an ordered set of
> patches to apply in succession? By what exact set of commands (assuming
> a GNU/Linux system). Does a latter patch in that sequence apply to the
> trunk, or to the trunk updated by previous patches?

An ideal sequence of patches is a series of patches which may be applied
in order.  At each stage the tree should be buildable.  The patches
don't have to be independent--they can be applied in a specific
order--but they should each work.

> * what is the preferred way of obtaining a sequence of small patches?
> svn diff -x -p gives one big *.diff file! Should we split it by hand?
> Are there other tools producing a sequence of small patches?

You should make copies of the source tree and work out the diffs step by
step.  Do not try to break apart a big diff file.

> However, our patch also added some improvements to gengtype itself

Improvements are desirable, but if it is all possible you should
separate these improvements from your other work.  It is very hard to
review patches which combine different unrelated ideas in a single diff.


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