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g++ Long compile times

When I compile the program below with EXTRA_CLASS_OBJECTS equal to 0, the compile time is about 3 seconds. When EXTRA_CLASS_OBJECTS is 1, the compile time is about 12 seconds.

The program is not very smart and repeats a pattern over and over (actually it is a simplification of a program that is automatically generated by a modeling language). It seems to me that the compiler is also not very smart and is repeating some calculation over and over.

The attached file is a bash script that can be used to test this on your system. If you execute
you will get a help message that describes how it works.
# include <cstdlib>
class mydouble {
double value_;
mydouble& operator =(double right);
mydouble operator +(double right);

     size_t id_;
     mydouble(size_t x);
     mydouble(int x);
     mydouble(double x);
# endif
mydouble mysum(void)
     mydouble x_0;
     x_0 = 0;
     mydouble x_1;
     x_1 = x_0 + 1.;
     mydouble x_2;
     mydouble x_7999;
     x_7999 = x_7998 + 7999.;
     return x_7999;

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