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Re: gcc -Wp,-MD no longer working in svn build

On Fri, 13 Aug 2010, Arnaud Charlet wrote:

> > The options passed to internal binaries such as cc1 are not a documented
> > public interface to GCC, so if you pass such options via -Wp you must
> > expect to need to change your makefiles when the GCC-internal interfaces
> > change.  Instead, you should use the various public interfaces documented
> > in cppopts.texi, which *are* stable interfaces.  I think what you want
> > here is "-MD -MF scripts/basic/.fixdep.d" with no -Wp.
> Well, I know of several projects that rely on -Wp,-MD or -Wp,-MMD, so this
> change will certainly affect lots of people I suspect.
> Can't we be friendlier to these projects and keep backward compatibility?

Allowing the same option to behave differently in the driver and in cc1 
regarding whether it takes operands seems like error-prone complexity; 
every piece of code that now or in the future looks at CL_SEPARATE will 
need also to check whether it is in the driver or in cc1.  Why is this 
code not using -MF?

Joseph S. Myers

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