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Re: Bizarre GCC problem - how do I debug it?

On 08/06/10 10:19, Bruce Korb wrote:
> The problem seems to be that GDB thinks all the code belongs to a
> single line of text.  At first, it was a file of mine, so I presumed
> I had done something strange and passed it off.  I needed to do some
> more debugging again and my "-g -O0" output still said all code
> belonged to that one line.  So, I made a .i file and compiled that.
> Different file, but the same problem.  The .i file contains the
> correct preprocessor directives:

Followup:  I stripped all blank lines and preprocessor directives from
the .i file.

(gdb) b main
Breakpoint 8 at 0x40ab35: file ag.i, line 2900.
(gdb) b inner_main
Breakpoint 9 at 0x40aa7a: file ag.i, line 2900.
 	2898	__gmpz_fits_uint_p (mpz_srcptr __gmp_z)
-	2899	{
-	2900	  mp_size_t __gmp_n = __gmp_z->_mp_size; mp_ptr __gmp_p = __gmp_z->_mp_d; return (__gmp_n == 0 || (__gmp_n == 1 && __gmp_p[0] <= (~ (unsigned) 0)));;
 	2901	}

There are 18,000 lines in this file, so it isn't just the end.
Would someone like the 18,000 line file, or is this a known problem
that can be found with a different google expression?

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