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Re: transitioning cloog to ppl-0.11

* Jack Howarth wrote on Fri, Aug 06, 2010 at 03:01:16PM CEST:
>    My point was that in this case not only does ppl-0.11 require
> the existing soversion of cloog to be rebuilt but also all other
> previously built gcc releases that used it as well.
>    Considering that the existing cloog-0.15.9 sources refuse
> to build against ppl-0.11 due to the version check,

Does cloog-0.15.9 check for the exact version, rather than using
something like AS_VERSION_COMPARE and checking for a minimum version?
Has that been addressed in the cloog sources since?

> it presents
> an opportunity to do a soversion bump and a cloog-0.16 release
> which would require ppl-0.11 as the minimum required ppl. I do
> understand that this isn't the conventional reason to do a
> soversion bump, but it does have the advantage of solving the
> coherency problems in gcc/cloog/ppl builds. 

I don't mind, but it's a good idea to ensure that for the next
major version bump of ppl things are prepared to (hopefully)
not require cascades of major bumps more than necessary.


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