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Re: Parma Polyhedra Library 0.11

On 08/05/10 05:09, Dennis Clarke wrote:
On a number of occasions I have tried to build ppl and Cloog and watched
the process fail repeatedly.  I have yet to see it complete with any
degree of success.  Perhaps this is due to some strange issue with gmp and
mpfr header versions and a false error message about libgmp versions is
generally seen early in the build process.

If this fault in the ppl/cloog code has been fixed then I'll be quite glad
to see it.

Hi Dennis,

I am not sure I understand the problems you are talking about
(a release candidate has been announced back in april and no
one reported this problem).
However, PPL 0.11 has new, simpler options to indicate the GMP
installation to use.  These are:

  --with-gmp-prefix[=DIR]  search for libgmp, libgmpxx in DIR/include and DIR/lib
  --with-gmp-build=DIR    use a non-installed build of GMP in DIR

If you run into problem, please file a bug at



Prof. Roberto Bagnara
Applied Formal Methods Laboratory
Department of Mathematics, University of Parma, Italy

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