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Re: Parma Polyhedra Library 0.11

On 08/04/2010 08:09 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:

Roberto Bagnara Patricia M. Hill Enea Zaffanella

Applied Formal Methods Laboratory
Department of Mathematics
University of Parma, Italy

cool.. just downloaded it.. just curious if I need to install ppl and cloog on the system then build gcc? right now with the latest snapshot of gcc, mpfr gmp are in the source tree and build fine but as soon as I add cloog ppl and mpc I crapp out at ppl telling me it cant find gmp

keep in mind this is my first attempt to build gcc with all these
packages in the source tree of gcc rather than building them separately.

On a number of occasions I have tried to build ppl and Cloog and watched the process fail repeatedly. I have yet to see it complete with any degree of success. Perhaps this is due to some strange issue with gmp and mpfr header versions and a false error message about libgmp versions is generally seen early in the build process.

If this fault in the ppl/cloog code has been fixed then I'll be quite glad
to see it. If not then I shall continue to work with GCC without either
ppl or cloog as their absence seems to not matter a bit.  This is entirely
based on my experiences within the Solaris world where we still have
issues with the GNU Binutils ld linker also.

yeah I ended up fussing around with previous versions but had no luck.
after looking through the gcc documentation(don't have the location off hand due to my frenzy for searching for results), but what I noticed is gmp, mpfr, and mpc can be put in the source tree.(only thing it had said with cloog and ppl was to use the --with-cloog/ppl switches).

After doing this my build went through and finished. Although seems gcc gets out of whack building a clfs system with two different versions of ppl/cloog(hosts system/new system etc..)
figured once im able to boot the fresh system I'll probably rebuild with ppl/cloog added in.

Justin P. Mattock

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