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Triplet for ARM Linux HardFP ABI

Hi All,

Both Linaro and Debian are considering supporting the ARM hard-float variant of the EABI, at least as an unofficial port. This ABI is not compatible with the gnueabi currently in use for most ARM Linux distros, but has a number of performance advantages.

This means that we need to choose a name for it. Obviously, it's better if it's an "official" name, so I want to discuss it here. I'm aware that there is some bikeshedding to do here, but it's better it gets done before anybody gets stuck with something else. There are, of course, some real practical reasons why one name might be better than another.

So here are my suggestions:

   or maybe

    These will match any package that uses arm*-*-linux-gnueabi*.
    Choosing which variant is mainly a matter of taste.


    These will match any package that uses arm*-*-linux-*eabi (as I
    see gcc itself does).

I'm not sure which is better. I suspect that, either way, a lot of things will need to be fixed up.

An alternative would be to use the vendor field. That would be less difficult, but it feels like something of a hack to me.

FAOD, the new triplet would only set the default ABI variant. This can already be achieved via configure options, so this adds no real new functionality. This is just about agreeing how to label it.

Andrew Stubbs
CodeSourcery (currently working with Linaro)

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