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Re: ChangeLog licensing issues

Quoting "Joseph S. Myers" <>:

On Sun, 20 Jun 2010, Joern Rennecke wrote:

What license / licenses are the ChangeLogs of GCC distributed under?

ChangeLogs are licensed under the permissive terms given in the license notices at the bottom of each ChangeLog file,

Oops, I missed that bit.

So it appears that writing ChangeLog entries for code from a branch where
I have no (longer) a connection with the original submitter requires
getting permission from the FSF to use the file names, function names
and identifiers mentioned, at least to the extent that they haven't been
mentioned in a ChangeLog before.

Lest someone things ChangeLog entries are trivial, I'm currently working
on a patch of over 600 KB, and after going through 6% of that, I've
gathered some 6KB of ChangeLog entry so far.

Although the branch has ChangeLogs, they are not covering all new
file & function names (with deadlines and company 'restructuring',
this is sometimes unavoidable), and what there is also has some
back-and-forth changes, and things that got moved into different
functions and files during merges.  So what should I do in this
situation?  Spend some days to write a new, proper ChangeLog entry
to then wait some month for the FSF to authorize - or not - its
use in a ChangeLog?
Spend even more effort to censor anything from the ChangeLog entry
that was not previously mentioned in a ChangeLog entry?
Or should I just slap a laconic 'merge from XXX branch' on an indented
version top of the old branch-specific ChangeLog entries?

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