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[RFC] Cleaning up the pass manager

I have been thinking about doing some cleanups to the pass manager.
The goal would be to have the pass manager be the central driver of
every action done by the compiler.  In particular, the front ends
should make use of it and the callgraph manager, instead of the
twisted interactions we have now.

Additionally, I would like to (at some point) incorporate some/most of
the functionality provided by ICI
(  I'm not advocating
for integrating all of ICI, but leave enough hooks so such
experimentations are easier to do.

Initially, I'm going for some low hanging fruit:

- Fields properties_required, properties_provided and
properties_destroyed should Mean Something other than asserting
whether they exist.
- Whatever doesn't exist before a pass, needs to be computed.
- Pass scheduling can be done by simply declaring a pass and
presenting it to the pass manager.  The property sets should be enough
for the PM to know where to schedule a pass.
- dump_file and dump_flags are no longer globals.

Are there any particular pain points that people are currently
experiencing that fit this?

Thanks.  Diego.

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