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gfortran requires input files for linking?


The libtool-2.2.8 testsuite fails some tests on darwin10 with gfortran because it makes use of Apple ld's -force_load flag to load all members of convenience archives. One of the tests creates link lines like:

gfortran -dynamiclib -Wl,-undefined -Wl,dynamic_lookup -o .libs/liba12.0.dylib -Wl,-force_load,./.libs/liba1.a -Wl,-force_load,./.libs/liba2.a -install_name /notexist/liba12.0.dylib -compatibility_version 1 -current_version 1.0 -Wl,-single_module

For which gfortran complains:
gfortran: no input files; unwilling to write output files

and exits with error.

On my linux system, it has a link line that, while similar, passes gfortran's test for input files:
gfortran -shared -Wl,--whole-archive ./.libs/liba1.a ./.libs/liba2.a -Wl,--no-whole-archive -L/usr/lib/gcc/i686-redhat-linux/4.4.4 -L/usr/lib/gcc/i686-redhat-linux/4.4.4/../../.. -lgfortranbegin -lgfortran -lm -lc -lgcc_s -Wl,-soname -Wl, -o .libs/

The only difference being that the archives are not -Wl, quoted.

Would the maintainers accept a patch that either
a) removes any checking for input files
b) warns instead of errors if it sees no input files

and which would be preferred?


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