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Re: libstdc++, generic locale configuration, and c++0x


So...would you consider this a bug in the documentation, or a bug in
the library?  And even if it's a bug in the documentation, it will
eventually have to be fixed for c++0x, yes?

Maybe in the documentation, I'm not sure, the documentation is lacking in various areas I'm afraid, and patches are always welcome, remember to always add in CC the libstdc++ mailing list, however. Otherwise, my point was simply that the project of implementing c++0x is ongoing, at an early stage in many cases, actually, consider that the standard is not even finalized yet, thus at best we can try to track the working paper, and in my opinion talking of *conformance* doesn't really make sense. Thus, in general terms, talking about *bugs* is rather inapproppriate unless you have solid evidence that the code already does its best to implement the last wd and/or you see a given feature marked as implemented in the implementation status docs. Again, in general terms, more than always with free software, this is the time for users (you?) to contribute, more than file aseptic bug reports.


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