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Re: Vector indexing patch

On Fri, 4 Jun 2010, Richard Guenther wrote:

> The mark_addressable_vector change was at least semi-ugly.  I think
> it is reasonable to require a constant index for register qualified vectors.

What does the Cell document describing the extension being implemented by 
the original patch say here?  Is this implementing the extension more 
accurately, or deliberately deviating from it?  Either may be OK - if 
properly justified.

> Artem is one of our Goole Summer of Code students btw., and I
> requested these changes.

Details of the request?  Again, I'd like (once the copyright assignment is 
complete) to understand what changed from the previous patch and why.  
This patch submission does not make things easy to review; exact URLs for 
the previous rounds of discussion are helpful when dealing with a patch 
that has undergone multiple past reviews long ago.  (The opposite error is 
only giving URLs without a self-contained explanation of what the 
resubmission is about; this submission avoids that particular problem, 
although the Cell document would still seem to be relevant in 
understanding the rationale for the patch.)

Joseph S. Myers

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