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Re: Auto-generated cross-references can be distributed under the GPL

On Fri, 4 Jun 2010, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> This explicit permission re. cross-references does not resolve the
> question of auto-generating parts of GFDL manuals, such as those
> containing documentation about target hooks or about command-line
> options.  (For target hooks, we might wish to consider using the
> permission given above to generate a separate document, though.)

A separate document for target hooks would make the documentation 
substantially worse, since target hooks are often created from target 
macros (so reusing the GFDL documentation for those macros) and logically 
should be documented alongside related macros.

> I will continue to work on the GPL->GFDL issue as best I can, but my
> expectation is that getting general permission regarding use of GPL'd
> code to generate GFDL'd documentation, including the right for
> downstream recipients to regenerate the documentation, will take a long

I don't mind the intermediate stage (as in Joern's patch) where the 
generated GFDL files need to be checked in, as an improvement on the 
present state, but avoiding the need for them to be checked in while 
allowing downstream recipients to generate them would still seem to be the 
desired end state.

Joseph S. Myers

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