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Re: Target macros vs. target hooks - policy/goal is hooks, isn't it?

On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 7:16 PM, Mark Mitchell <> wrote:
> Ulrich Weigand wrote:
>>> So the question is: The goal is to have hooks, not macros, right? If
>>> so, can reviewers please take care to reject patches that introduce
>>> new macros?
>> I don't know to which extent this is a formal goal these days, but I
>> personally agree that it would be nice to eliminate macros.
> Yes, the (informally agreed) policy is to have hooks, not macros. ?There
> may be situations where that is technically impossible, but I'd expect
> those to be very rare.

Another batch of recently introduced target macros instead of target hooks:

tree-vectorizer.h:#ifndef TARG_COND_TAKEN_BRANCH_COST
tree-vectorizer.h:#ifndef TARG_COND_NOT_TAKEN_BRANCH_COST
tree-vectorizer.h:#ifndef TARG_SCALAR_STMT_COST
tree-vectorizer.h:#ifndef TARG_SCALAR_LOAD_COST
tree-vectorizer.h:#ifndef TARG_SCALAR_STORE_COST
tree-vectorizer.h:#ifndef TARG_VEC_STMT_COST
tree-vectorizer.h:#ifndef TARG_VEC_TO_SCALAR_COST
tree-vectorizer.h:#ifndef TARG_SCALAR_TO_VEC_COST
tree-vectorizer.h:#ifndef TARG_VEC_LOAD_COST
tree-vectorizer.h:#ifndef TARG_VEC_UNALIGNED_LOAD_COST
tree-vectorizer.h:#ifndef TARG_VEC_STORE_COST
tree-vectorizer.h:#ifndef TARG_VEC_PERMUTE_COST

Could the vectorizer folks please turn these into target hooks?


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