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Re: lto and compile flag associations

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 5:18 AM, Jack Howarth <> wrote:
> ? What is the current LTO design with regards to the
> retention of compiler flags during the actual link
> time optimization compilation steps. For example, if
> one is linking mixed fortran and c object files which
> have distinct flags passed in FFLAGS and CFLAGS, are
> these embedded with the LTO information when generating
> the object files in the initial compilation or do they
> have to be explicitly passed later? If the latter is
> the case, how would one deal with the situation of a
> linkage with mixed fortran and c LTO object files which
> would require conflicting compilation flags? Thanks in
> advance for any clarifications.

You have to pass correct flags at link time and those and only
those flags will be used for LTO optimizations.  There is no
working code to save options from the compile stage and
to detect mismatches or re-use them during link stage.


> ? ? ? ? ? Jack

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