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Re: Why not contribute? (to GCC)

On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 12:36:46PM -0400, Richard Kenner wrote:
> I said "A" large part.  There is certainly a perception that the
> copyright assignment is an issue too.  But, as was discussed here, there
> IDENTICAL liability with and without the assignment.  So this is illusory.

Oh please.  Asking an entity that has no rights on your code to
actually say they have no rights on your code is not an illusory
requirement.  I realize that work contracts in the US tend towards the
thinly veiled slavery contract, but that's not the case in other
places[1] where, as a consequence, employers have never heard of that
kind of disclaimers and having someone with authority sign them is
close to impossible in large structures.  Finding who that someone
would be (short of the CEO or equivalent) is a challenge by itself.

I know I've decided long ago not to look at FSF code because I may be
tempted to patch it and I can't stand the hassle of the assignment.


[1] France in my case, probably Europe in general.  What you do in
your free time is yours by default, land grab clauses are not
accepted, and it's only when you work at home on things you also do at
work that questions can be asked.

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