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Re: Why not contribute? (to GCC)

On 04/24/2010 02:35 PM, Thomas Neumann wrote:
What reasons keep you from contributing to GCC?
I tried this a while ago, but ultimately gave up because I could not get my
patches in. Some were applied, but many never made it. Admittedly they were
perhaps not of general interested, there were only improving compatibility
of the gcc base with C++ (what Ian Lance Taylor then did later).
The most frustrating part was not getting patches rejected (I could then
improve them, after all), but having patches ignored. You submit a number of
patches, and the result is... nothing. No response at all. Not exactly what
encourages gcc as a free time activity.

And this is the type of problem I was referring to as
"making the project approachable".  If timely patch review
and feedback is an issue, then we need to figure out a
workflow solution.

I am sure the people who need to review a particular patch
are busy enough that they won't necessarily go hunting for
work.  Maybe a patch triage team that assigns them to
the right person(s) for review.
On the other hand I am a professional developer, too (even working on
compilers), and I myself would perhaps also be reluctant to spend time on
reviewing and merging patches that I do not really care about. So I
understand the gcc developers. But it is still frustrating for outsiders.

And I admit to often privately emailing the person I think
needs to review a patch I care about.  But a new person
wouldn't be comfortable doing that.  A triage step
and a tracking system for patches might help.

There is definitely a workflow problem though.  I have
had patches I submitted through Bugzilla which didn't
get reviewed until I was asked to submit them to
gcc-patches.  And vice-versa.  A triage team and
tracking system might have prevented this.

This is also an opportunity for persons to contribute.


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