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Re: Why not contribute? (to GCC)

On 24 April 2010 14:12, Ross Ridge <> wrote:
> I can have my own patched version of GCC that does what I want without
> signing anything.

Then we change that code and your patch is broken. Or your patch has a
bug and you never find out. Or we decide to remove something essential
for your patch to work because we think nobody is using it.

> I also just don't need the abuse. ?GCC, while not the most of hostile of
> open source projects out there, it's up there. ?Manuel López-Ibáñez's
> unjustified hostility towards Michael Witten in this thread is just a
> small example.

Perhaps his intention was not trolling but it strongly felt like that
given past behaviour.

It wasn't my intention to be hostile just to state the obvious: If you
feel gcc is doomed, why are you still in this list repeating this
mantra over and over? does it make you feel better? how is that not

But I have also found previous good posts, so it was a mistake from my
part to assume he was trolling.

> Finally, it's also a lot of work. ?Just building GCC can be pain, having
> to find upto date versions of a growing list of math libraries that
> don't benefit me in the slightest way. ?Running the test suite takes a
> long time, so even trivial patches require a non-trivial amount of work.

Everything is already setup for you here:

I have a script that allows me to do the following in a single step:

gccfarming cleanup
gccfarming bootstrap
gccfarming patch PATCH=mypatch.diff
gccfarming bootstrap
compare_tests clean.log mypatch.log

It takes computer time, yes, but I am not in a hurry. If I were, I
would use one of the computers with 8 or 16 cores.



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