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Re: Why not contribute? (to GCC)

On Friday 23 April 2010 22:36:21 Manuel LÃpez-IbÃÃez wrote:

> (...). In the free-software world, you can actually help to fix it.
> (...) we need more contributors. Wanna help?

i haven't so much free time (c++work/family/studies) for learn internal
gcc structures and non-trivial design to start full power contributing.
i'm doing what i can at this point of my gcc knowledge and currently
i'm focused on testing each gcc release on my work codebase and isolating
testcases which is also hard and ugly piece of work. e.g, from few months
i'm trying to isolate a fancy (i think) gcc wrong-code bug (at -O0! on
4.4/4.5 while -O2 on 4.3 works fine) that causes memory over(under)runs
in very big C++/EDA software. long dancing in free time with gdb, valgrind
and electric fence is my little contribution to the quality of g++
- my favourite compiler. 

from the rookie point of view i can say that the new gcc plugin framework
is a fantastic tool for learning gcc internals on the fly via debugging
when partial information on the onlinedocs/gccint/GENERIC are not enough.
this process could be improved by gdb7 python based pretty printers which
e.g. allow easier 'tree' union analyzing.

> In any case, I think coming from you it is a bit hurtful because I
> have personally fixed many of your bugs and I haven't seen a single
> beer yet!

no offence please but that weren't my bugs but compiler bugs :-)
your effort in fixing gcc-bad/false-warnings is great and keep
the "-Wall -Werror" still usable for large projects.
once again many thanks!

btw. i have another PR in this area. wanna help? :-)

> Where is my beer?


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