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Re: Some benchmark comparison of gcc4.5 and dragonegg (was dragonegg in FSF gcc?)

On Wed, 2010-04-21 at 14:03 -0400, Robert Dewar wrote:
> I do realize that some people are running gcc on very old
> machines, that particularly happens say in developing
> countries or with students or hobbyists using old cast
> off machines. 

For those developping free software the compile farm
has some nice iron:

> And for those compile time is a problem,
> but for out Ada users, many of whom have absolutely giant
> programs of millions of lines, compile time speed has not
> been an issue (we would know if it was, people would
> tell us, they tell us of ANY problems they have).
> The one exception is that native compilation on VMS
> is slow, but that's a consequence of the VMS file
> system, where opening lots of small files is slow.
> We are planning to encourage people using VMS to
> switch to using PC-based cross-compilation.

In my (limited) experience for daily development link times on the
Windows platform for big Ada applications are an issue too, not compile


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