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Re: g++ 4.5.0, end-user disappointment and interrogations

On 22/04/2010 03:30, tbp wrote:

> What's the deal with constexpr (or what can i reasonably expect)?

  You can *reasonably* expect the documented behaviour from the compiler.  Or
you can *un*reasonably ignore the documentation, make ill-informed guesses
about what the compiler ought to do, and complain when they turn out not to be

On 22/04/2010 07:29, tbp wrote:

> Ah, so it was nothing but smokes & mirrors.

  No, you are merely ignorant of the facts.  As it clearly says on the changes
> Improved experimental support for the upcoming C++0x ISO C++ standard,
> including support for raw strings, lambda expressions and explicit type
> conversion operators.

(notice no mention of constexpr there) and if you follow the link to the C++0x
implementation status page:
> Language Feature  			Proposal  	Available in GCC 4.5?
> Generalized constant expressions  	N2235  		No

so any disappointment is caused solely by your own baseless assumptions and
failure to properly read and comprehend what was in front of your eyes.

> Thanks for the clarification.

  Please, don't trouble yourself with adding insincere thanks to an insult;
it's not worth the effort for you or anyone else so you may as well save
yourself the time.


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