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Re: Notes from the GROW'10 workshop panel (GCC research opportunities workshop)

On 14 April 2010 16:34, Steven Bosscher <> wrote:
> Hi,
> You know, I'm getting pretty fed up with all this LLVM advocacy on a
> GCC list. It's distracting and counter-productive.

You cannot accuse Grigori/Dorit of Clang/LLVM advocacy. He is
retransmitting other people's feedback on perceived GCC problems. I
think knowing how many people are strongly unsatisfied with GCC can
help to take some future decisions, like moving to C++.

GCC is better than Clang/LLVM in many aspects but, like it or not, the
opposite is also true, and we should learn from those aspects what we
can, take what is good and drop what is bad. [1]

Otherwise, as Ian said in another topic [2]: "I have a different fear:
that gcc will become increasing irrelevant".


[1] A good example is the comparison of

PS: On the other hand, I think that modifying GCC to suit the purposes
of dragonegg or LLVM is a *bad* idea.
PS2: That GCC developers lose temper over this, also gives a negative
image of GCC.

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