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Re: dragonegg in FSF gcc?

On 04/14/2010 03:36 PM, Jack Howarth wrote:
On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 08:24:35AM +0200, Duncan Sands wrote:
Hi Steven,

FWIW, this sounds great and all... but I haven't actually seen any
comparisons of GCC vs. LLVM with DragonEgg. A search with Google
doesn't give me any results.

Can you point out some postings where people actually made a
comparison between GCC and LLVM with DragonEgg?

I gave some comparisons in my talk at the 2009 LLVM developers meeting. See the links at the bottom of

Since then I've been working on completeness and correctness, and didn't
do any additional benchmarking yet.  I don't know if anyone else did any
benchmarking.  If so they didn't inform me.

Duncan, It would be interesting to know what the Sqlite3 -O3/-O2 benchmarks show for llvm 2.7. I benchmarked about a 14% improvement in the Polyhedron 2005 benchmarks over a 13 month period of llvm development. Perhaps the current numbers look a bit better.

This kind of summarizes where the interest for dragonegg lies. :-P


ps: look at smiley before clicking "reply"

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