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Re: post linker phase - How To?

IainS <> writes:

> If I want to install a script (wrapper) that will end up installed in
> the same dir as gcc-xyz ...
> 1/ where do I put that in the GCC source tree?

Either in the gcc subdirectory or in some other top level

> 2/ what do I need to modify in the mechanics to arrange it to get
> installed?

You just need to install it when "make install" is run.

But note that gcc-xyx is normally installed in the bin directory
$(bindir).  That is the right place to install programs which you
expect the user to run directly.  If this program will only ever be
run by the gcc driver, then you should install it in either the
directory where cc1 is installed, $(libsubdir), or in the directory
where helper tools like a cross-assembler are installed, $(tooldir).
A program which is installed in $(libsubdir) would normally live in
the gcc subdirectory.  A program which is installed in $(tooldir)
could live anywhere; see, e.g., the binutils Makefiles for how to
install there.

> Or:
> If I want to create a new post-collect phase --- is that already
> ized in gcc or is that a Bigger Job ;-) ??

As far as I know there is currently no post-collect phase.


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