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post linker phase - How To?

On Darwin we follow the collect2 phase with a call to dsymutil which post-processes the object to collect debug info into a separate module.

At present this is done by tricking the driver into calling ld followed by dsymutils by appending the dsymutils call onto the end of LINK_COMMAND_SPEC.

up to now that's been satisfactory -- but now we might need to change things ..

.... either:
(a) put a wrapper around the system-provided binary or
(b) provide a replacement.

Of course, I could do this completely outside the gcc scenario .. just tell the User "Oh, BTW you need to install XYZ to make this work"...

I'd like to make it easier for them ..

If I want to install a script (wrapper) that will end up installed in the same dir as gcc-xyz ...

1/ where do I put that in the GCC source tree?
2/ what do I need to modify in the mechanics to arrange it to get installed?

If I want to create a new post-collect phase --- is that already MACRO- ized in gcc or is that a Bigger Job ;-) ??


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