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Re: dragonegg in FSF gcc?

Jack Howarth wrote:
What are the opinions here about merging
dragonegg into FSF gcc? It is in the odd position
of straddling two projects so perhaps it could
reside in both the LLVM and FSF gcc projects
with regularly remerging. Certainly it would be
an interesting addition to FSF gcc.

What are the alternatives?

I tend to be quite happy with the idea of dragonegg being a good GCC plugin, since it is a good illustration of the plugin feature.

What exactly is wrong with the approach of keeping dragonegg as a GCC plugin? In principle, I like it very much.

(I admit I did not compile dragonegg, so maybe there are issues in using it as a plugin).

And I could imagine that the difference in the licenses and the copyright owners between DragonEgg & GCC might make the merging legally difficult, but of course I am not a lawyer and know nothing about these issues.

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