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Re: GCC primary/secondary platforms?

On Wed, 2010-04-07 at 09:17 -0700, Gary Funck wrote:
> On 04/07/10 11:11:05, Diego Novillo wrote:
> > I would suggest splitting patches across reviewer domains.  See
> > previous merges from big branches for examples.  This makes it easier
> > for maintainers and reviewers to review the relevant parts.
> > Additionally, make sure that the branch bootstraps and tests on all
> > primary/secondary platforms with all languages enabled.
> Diego, thanks for your prompt reply and suggestions.  Regarding
> the primary/secondary platforms.  Are those listed here?
> We have access to only a few of the listed platforms,
> (and in the case of IA64 the underlying OS is SuSE not
> "unknown-linux-gnu").
> How are the following targets handled?
>   arm-eabi, mipsisa64-elf


I don't know if these are formally equivalent (any taker?) but on the
compile farm we have arm-linux and mips64-linux machines. I don't think
unknown/suse/whatever version of Linux makes any difference for the

Feel free to apply for an account on the compile farm, instructions are
given here:



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