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Re: Vanilla cross compiling and libstdc++v3

On Mon, Apr 05, 2010 at 10:29:07AM -0430, Kofi Doku Atuah wrote:
> The process of building a simply, plain vanilla cross compiler for
> arch-fmt-no_os is really probably overdone. To build, for example, a
> GCC cross compiler for an i586-elf target, the build process requires
> you to have a libc for the target, and then from there, the build
> process uses the features in your vanilla target's libc to decide how
> to configure libstdc++v3.
> However, anyone building a vanilla cross compiler either doesn't yet
> *have* a standard lib for his kernel project as yet, or isn't yet
> interested in building an os-specific toolchain for arch-fmt-his_os as
> yet. Therefore the assumption that there would be a standard library,
> or libc, or even that the person even *wants* a libstdc++ with his
> vanilla build is incorrect.

Have you tried configuring with --enable-languages=c?  Doing so should
ensure that libstdc++ is not configured for your target.


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