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Re: target hooks / plugins

On Wed, 13 Jan 2010, Joern Rennecke wrote:

> Duplicating all these changes separately by hand seems nigh impossible.
> I think the best approach is then to take the auto-generated tm.texi as
> the new tm.texi, and packages it up as a patch together with the
> struct member / hook name changes that I made for consistency.
> There is only one issue with using the current auto-generated tm.texi:
> Unless special formatting was in force (e.g. @smallexample), I've removed
> intra-paragraph newlines.  This should work in principle just as will
> as with these newlines for producing output, but it looks somewhat daft
> in tm.texi when you consider it as a source file.

I am not particularly concerned about newlines, if the file is identical 
apart from whitespace.  But your text file lists things such as "was 
undocumented" and "Fixed return value description".  Each such change 
needs its own review, by someone familiar with the relevant part of the 
compiler, and needs its own explanation of the problem posted.  Remember, 
a patch should not contain multiple changes that can logically be 
considered separately, and in this case I expect many different people to 
be appropriate reviewers for changes relating to different hooks, so it's 
important not to mix changes relating to hooks in different areas of the 

Joseph S. Myers

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