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Re: [LTO] Request for testing: Last merge from trunk before final merge

On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 2:22 PM, Joseph S. Myers
<> wrote:
> On Tue, 29 Sep 2009, Richard Guenther wrote:
>> The summary is as follows, extra errors compared to a run
>> without the merge patch applied:
>> i586:
>> FAIL: gcc.dg/attr-warn-unused-result.c (internal compiler error)
>> FAIL: gcc.dg/attr-warn-unused-result.c (test for excess errors)
>> FAIL: gcc.dg/visibility-7.c ?(test for warnings, line 8)
>> FAIL: gcc.dg/visibility-7.c (test for excess errors)
>> FAIL: gcc.misc-tests/i386-pf-3dnow-1.c scan-assembler prefetch
>> FAIL: gcc.misc-tests/i386-pf-3dnow-1.c scan-assembler prefetchw
>> FAIL: gcc.misc-tests/i386-pf-athlon-1.c scan-assembler prefetchnta
>> FAIL: gcc.misc-tests/i386-pf-athlon-1.c scan-assembler prefetcht
>> FAIL: gcc.misc-tests/i386-pf-athlon-1.c scan-assembler prefetchw
>> FAIL: gcc.misc-tests/i386-pf-sse-1.c scan-assembler prefetchnta
>> FAIL: gcc.misc-tests/i386-pf-sse-1.c scan-assembler prefetcht0
>> FAIL: gcc.misc-tests/i386-pf-sse-1.c scan-assembler prefetcht1
>> FAIL: gcc.misc-tests/i386-pf-sse-1.c scan-assembler prefetcht2
>> FAIL: 26_numerics/headers/cmath/ (test for excess errors)
> These are non-LTO tests without any LTO options being used, i.e.
> regressions introduced by the merge. ?They will therefore need fixing
> before the merge can be committed to trunk. ?(The
> attr-warn-unused-result.c and visibility-7.c ones appear on mutliple
> targets in this list.)

The i386-pf-* tests are somehow executing not only for the
specified torture options in i386-prefetch.exp but also for
"", the empty option.  This causes the extra fails.

This is because of the torture-options.exp changes, I have a patch.


> --
> Joseph S. Myers

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