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Re: apple blocks extension

Richard Henderson wrote:
On 09/15/2009 08:28 AM, Vincent R. wrote:
I just was curious to know if closures in apple gcc(called blocks from
what I read) is
also in mainline.
What is the status about this extension ?

It is unlikely that this will ever be brought into GCC, since it appears to be largely identical to the C++0x Lambda feature.


I agree that it is superfluous for C++ at this stage but it might be nice for Objective-C (regular C) although Objective-C++ will then have to be taught how to deal with it somehow anyway.

OTOH, with lambdas it might be more easy to put this in.* It is probably just a special case of lambdas. We'd have to find out which one of course. I think syntactically it shouldn't be too bad.**

In general, and this has come up before, there are other things in Objective-C 2.0 that we don't have. IIRC the Apple trees left behind are a little old and not in good shape. What are the licensing issues for borrowing from LLVM leaving aside the technical issues?


* Or not. I think C++ lambdas are implemented as a little class of some type which might make C mad.

** I was noticing that C++ lambdas and Obj-C message passing syntax collides a little.

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