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my name Madam Henan Abdul-haleem Ali .
from basra iraq,address:shu'aiba \basrah refinery\refinery houses:no.(20)basrah city Iraq
My husband Engineering
contractorBasrah oil Refinery company Ltd.
whom  was killed by  bomblast attack on  his way to work.
his convoy came under attack by roadside bomb blast kililling his driver & body guards,b4 my husband death he  received the sum of $5.6million  from the Iraqi  UN OIL FOR FOOD PROGRAME, IRAQI OIL MINISTRY for whys (SOC)SOUTH OIL COMPANY BASRAH.
  for  supplies of equipments & materials re/construction of  north & south Ruwaila  laying pipe lines oil refinery,destroyed by war.
The situation in iraq is very bad turning into civil war , shiates against sunnis,
our position not good we are not safe/
my purpose to contact you , i need to use your company & invest $5.6million, as partner with you as my investment maneger.
i  with my children want to go out of Iraq  & live in peace, am need arab businessman to help me in investmen business & buy home villa in  to live with my four children in your country
please reply ,  send mobile number and you full name talking with you by telephone.

Madam Henan Ali

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