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Re: Add my name to Write-after-Approval List

On Mon, 22 Jun 2009, Li Feng wrote:
> This is the patch that add my name to Write-after-Approval List.

Thanks for doing this, Li Feng.  Sadly I realized that many other
haven't done so in the past, and while I managed to resolve a number
of those this year so far, the following are still open:

The following accounts on have primary group gcc, but
their real names do not appear in the GCC MAINTAINERS file.

                                                Last commit

  marekm      (Marek Michalkiewicz     )        2005-03-20   57
  zlaski      (Ziemowit Laski          )        2005-09-29  429
  gp          (Graeme Peterson         )        2003-08-06    3
  sgilbertson (Scott Gilbertson        )        2006-02-23   13
  rodimina    (Olga Rodimina           )        2005-01-06   59
  victorlei   (Victor Leikehman        )        2004-11-18    1
  aluchko     (Aaron Luchko            )        2005-07-14    9
  rkidd       (Robert Kidd             )        2007-09-10   11
  olga        (Olga Golovanevsky       )        2008-03-19   37
  dalecki     (Marcin Dalecki          )        2006-12-29   13
  kgallowa    (Kyle Galloway           )        2007-05-17   38
  olegr       (Oleg Ryjkov             )        2008-04-25   28
  jfreeman    (John Freeman            )        2009-08-29  118
  yechiel     (Yechiel Kimchi          )
  martin      (Martin Schindewolf      )
  setton      (Nicolas Setton          )
  jingyu      (Jing Yu                 )        2009-04-28    4
  liao        (Shih-wei Liao           )
  tglek       (Taras Glek              )        2009-05-27    6

Hopefully the combined wisdom on this list can help getting this
addressed (one way or the other). :-)


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