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RTEMS SPARC ACATS Results (SVN head failures)


I have stepped back to make sure I had good
results to compare against.  So I have
run ACATS on 4.3.4 and 4.4.x and SVN for
sparc, powerpc, mips, arm, and i386. I
am using the same binutils, gdb, newlib, and RTEMS.
Only gcc changes.  The first target to
ask about is the SPARC.

4.3.4 - 2 FAILS: c380004 and c953002
4.4.1 - 2 FAILS: c380004 and c953002
svn -319 FAILS

a85013b a87b59a a95001c a95074d a99006a aa2010a ac3207a ad7201a
ad7203b ad7205b c250002 c34007j c34008a c35102a c37402a c37403a
c380004 c38102d c38202a c3a1002 c41306a c41306b c41306c c41307d
c43204g c45282b c45291a c46051a c51004a c59002c c64201b c64201c
c650001 c74004a c74401k c74406a c761001 c761007 c83023a c85004b
c85005a c85005b c85005c c85005d c85005e c85006a c85006b c85006c
c85006d c85006e c85014a c85014b c85014c c85018a c85018b c87b26b
c87b39a c87b45c c87b54a c910001 c910002 c910003 c91004b c91004c
c91006a c92002a c92003a c92005a c92005b c92006a c930001 c93001a
c93002a c93003a c93004a c93004b c93004c c93004d c93004f c93005a
c93005b c93005c c93005d c93005e c93005f c93005g c93005h c93006a
c93008a c93008b c940001 c940002 c940004 c940005 c940007 c940010
c940013 c940014 c940016 c94001a c94001b c94001c c94001e c94001f
c94001g c94002a c94002b c94002d c94002e c94002f c94002g c94004a
c94004b c94004c c94005a c94005b c94006a c94007a c94007b c94008a
c94008b c94008c c94008d c94010a c94011a c94020a c940a03 c95008a
c95009a c95010a c95011a c95012a c95021a c95022a c95022b c95033a
c95033b c95034a c95034b c95035a c95040a c95040b c95040c c95040d
c95041a c95065a c95065b c95065c c95065d c95065e c95065f c95066a
c95067a c95071a c95072a c95072b c95073a c95074c c95076a c95078a
c95080b c95082g c95085a c95085b c95085c c95085d c95085e c95085f
c95085g c95085h c95085i c95085j c95085k c95085l c95085m c95085n
c95085o c95086a c95086b c95086c c95086d c95086e c95086f c95087a
c95087b c95087c c95087d c95088a c95089a c95090a c95092a c95093a
c95095a c95095b c95095c c95095d c95095e c951001 c951002 c953001
c953002 c953003 c954001 c954010 c954011 c954012 c954013 c954014
c954015 c954016 c954017 c954018 c954019 c954020 c954021 c954022
c954023 c954024 c954025 c954026 c954a01 c954a02 c954a03 c960001
c960002 c960004 c97112a c97113a c97114a c97115a c97116a c97117a
c97117b c97117c c97118a c97120a c97120b c97201a c97201b c97201c
c97201d c97201e c97201g c97201h c97201x c97202a c97203a c97203b
c97203c c97204a c97204b c97205a c97205b c97301a c97301b c97301c
c97301d c97301e c97302a c97303a c97303b c97303c c97304a c97304b
c97305a c97305b c97305c c97305d c97307a c974001 c974002 c974003
c974004 c974005 c974008 c974009 c974010 c974011 c974013 c974014
c99004a c99005a c9a003a c9a007a c9a009a c9a009c c9a009f c9a009g
c9a009h c9a010a c9a011a c9a011b ca5004a cb20001 cb4013a cb41002
cb5001a cb5001b cb5002a cc1104c cc1207b cc1225a cc1310a cc3019c
cc3106b cc3120b cc3207b cc3225a cc3601c cc3602a cd10002 cd2a91c
cd2c11a cd5003e cd72a02 cxh3001 cxh3002 cxh3003 la14027

sparc-rtems4.10-gcc (GCC) 4.5.0 20090910 (experimental) [trunk revision 151592]

Does any of this look familiar?

Any feedback on the SPARC results would be
appreciated. With this many new failures, I don't
even know where to start reporting. :(

Joel Sherrill, Ph.D.             Director of Research & Development        On-Line Applications Research
Ask me about RTEMS: a free RTOS  Huntsville AL 35805
  Support Available             (256) 722-9985

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