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Re: i370 port

2. I am unable to do an optimized compile even as a cross-compile,
I get an internal error in this function:


static void
compute_hash_table_work (struct hash_table *table)
 if (!current_bb) /* +++ why are we getting NULL here? */

It appears I have misdiagnosed this. The code will handle NULL already. Taking that out though, exposes this internal error:

i370_branch_dest (branch)
    rtx branch;
 rtx dest = SET_SRC (PATTERN (branch));
 int dest_uid;
 int dest_addr;

 /* first, compute the estimated address of the branch target */
 if (GET_CODE (dest) == IF_THEN_ELSE)
   dest = XEXP (dest, 1);
 dest = XEXP (dest, 0);
 /* +++ why is this becoming NULL? */
 if (!dest)
     printf("internal error in branch dest\n");
     exit (0);

which is obviously specific to the i370 port.  This code works fine on
3.2.3 though, so any idea what 3.4.6 changed to stop this from

Thanks. Paul.

dest_uid = INSN_UID (dest); dest_addr = INSN_ADDRESSES (dest_uid);

 /* next, record the address of this insn as the true addr of first ref */
    label_node_t *lp;
    rtx label = JUMP_LABEL (branch);
    int labelno = CODE_LABEL_NUMBER (label);

if (!label || CODE_LABEL != GET_CODE (label)) abort ();

    lp = mvs_get_label (labelno);
    if (-1 == lp -> first_ref_page) lp->first_ref_page = mvs_page_num;
    just_referenced_page = lp->label_page;
 return dest_addr;

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