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Re: hppa testsuite stalls?

Martin Jambor wrote:

>  Since I started looking at where this happens it has
> always hanged when running the libstdc++ testsuite, albeit at a
> different place in that suite (as far as the log file tells, the last
> few lines from the libstc++.log of one such run file are below but
> don't reveal much).  This is revision 151323.

> How should I investigate such problems?  

  If you add RUNTESTFLAGS="-v -v -v -v -v -v -v" (maybe more or less -v
according to taste) to your "make check" invocation, maybe the log file will
be a lot more informative about exactly what's got stuck where.

  Another idea would be to take a look at the list of running processes when
it gets stuck and see if it's hanging during running one of the test
executables, or if it's stuck somewhere in the dejagnu/expect test
infrastructure.  Normally if a test exe gets stuck it should be timed out
after five minutes or so, but that mechanism has occasionally been known to fail.


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