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No c++0x threads using win32 threading model (with MinGW-w64)


(first of all: sorry to post this message to a second list, I've sent it to the wrong list at first)

I am using g++ in MinGW-w64 running in a Windows environment. I'm especially interested in the c++0x threads because it allows standard cross-platform multi-threading.

Unfortunately I didn't get this to work (using a very recent Mingw-w64 snapshot that uses gcc 4.5.0). I did some research and I think I found out why. Perhaps somebody on this list could confirm this and/or answer some of the questions I have about the win32 threading model.

First of all, the c++0x threads don't seem to work because in the `thread' header file the file `gthr.h' is included, which includes in turn some threading model specific files (like `gthr_posix.h'). While the header `gthr_win32.h' does exist, it is not included from `gthr.h'. The comments in `gthr.h' further mention support for several threading models, but the win32 threading model is not amongst these. Am I looking in the right direction for reasons why the c++0x threads do not work with the win32 threading model?

If the above is correct: is support for win32 c++0x threads being worked on at the moment? If that is the case, any indication when it will be in a usable state? What must be undertaken to implement this support?

I hope somebody can give me some insight in these questions.


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