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Re: MSVC hook function prologue

Am Saturday 05 September 2009 17:08:19 schrieb Ross Ridge:
> If this patch is essentially only for one application, maybe the idea
> of implementing a more generally useful naked attribute would be the
> way to go.  I implemented a naked attribute in my private sources to
> do something similar, although supporting hookable prologues was just
> a small part of its more general use in supporting an assembler based API.
We don't really like the naked attribute, because it makes maintaining a C 
function that uses it a pain. Alexandre once said that he would reject any 
solution for the hook problem that is based on the naked attribute. This 
especially becomes a pain when the function has to do stack realignment, like 
all our Win32 functions on OSX.

But yeah, this functionality will probably be used only by Wine, since Linux 
and OSX offer more comfortable hooking mechanisms than opcode replacements. 
Although you never know, perhaps someone else finds a use for this I did not 

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