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verify_ssa failed on cygwin and in ada

Is this a well know problem:

-B/usr/local/gnu/i686-pc-cygwin/lib/ -isystem /
usr/local/gnu/i686-pc-cygwin/include -isystem
/usr/local/gnu/i686-pc-cygwin/sys-include    -c -g -O2   -W -Wall
-gnatpg   a-direct.adb -o a-direct.o
a-direct.adb: In function 'Ada.Directories.Start_Search':
a-direct.adb:1178:4: error: expected an SSA_NAME object
a-direct.adb:1178:4: error: in statement
# DEBUG ada__directories__start_search__TTS840bSP1___L => L839b
+===========================GNAT BUG DETECTED==============================+
| 4.5.0 20090904 (experimental) [trunk revision 151408]
(i686-pc-cygwin) GCC error:|
| verify_ssa failed                                                        |
| Error detected around a-direct.adb:1178:4                                |
| Please submit a bug report; see            |
| Use a subject line meaningful to you and us to track the bug.            |
| Include the entire contents of this bug box in the report.               |
| Include the exact gcc or gnatmake command that you entered.              |
| Also include sources listed below in gnatchop format                     |
| (concatenated together with no headers between files).                   |

Please include these source files with error report
Note that list may not be accurate in some cases,
so please double check that the problem can still
be reproduced with the set of files listed.
Consider also -gnatd.n switch (see debug.adb).

I'm on this system:

Windows XP Pro/SP3 cygwin Intel Core2 Duo T9600@2.80GHz system with packages:

binutils             2.19.51-1
bison                2.3-1          2.3
cloog-ppl            0.15.3-1
cygwin               1.7.0-60
dejagnu              20021217-2     1.4.2.x
expect               20030128-1     5.26
gcc-ada              3.4.4-999
gcc-core             3.4.4-999
gcc-g++              3.4.4-999
gmp                  4.3.1-3
libcloog-devel       0.15.3-1
libgmp-devel         4.3.1-3
libmpfr-devel        2.4.1-4
libppl               0.10.2-1
make                 3.81-2
mpfr                 2.4.1-4
ppl                  0.10.2-1
ppl-devel            0.10.2-1
tcltk                20080420-1     8.4
w32api               3.13-1



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