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Re: Regression fixes only

Richard Guenther wrote:
As we've got quite some build problems on some targets and we clashed
with VTA, free-lang-data, expand and scheduler changes it's a good
time to slush the trunk for a short time.

Thus, starting from now the trunk is in regression and documentation
fixes only mode.

I hope that does not mean that gcc has switched mysteriously from stage 1 to stage 3 (or even stage 2).

I am extremly interested in having the gengtype plugin patch accepted - that is the gengtype.[ch] part of

I would be very sad if I have to wait six months for it to go into the trunk (and as several people did notice, it is necessary for any plugins needing GGC).

So Richard, can we understand that GCC is in regression and documentation fixes only mode for only a few days? Or did you decide a stage 1 end? [I hope you did not].

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