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Re: Replacing certain operations with function calls

> Yes.  Though I do wonder why you are avoiding using the normal libcall
> machinery.  If all you really care about is changing the function name, then
> all you need to do is modify the appropriate optab.  See, for instance,
> arm_init_libfuncs.

I guess both could work. I had seen the TARGET_INIT_LIB but, when I
had tried playing with it, I got a segmentation fault in the
emit_unop_insn function (for some reason, pat = GEN_FCN (icode) (temp,
op0) was returning NULL). I guessed that either I had another problem
in my MD file that was posing a problem or that I didn't define
everything needed for the libcall system.

This solution worked relatively straight away and is open enough to
allow me to change the implementation later down the road.

When things stabilize, I might go back and move the real function
calls back to the libcall machinery.

>> mult tmp1, a, b
>> mult tmp2, c, d
>> mov output1, tmp1
>> mov output2, tmp2
>> call bar

Ok then I don't foresee a problem with the way I do it.

Thanks again all of you,

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