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I spent some time a month or so ago bringing odcctools up to the latest
Xcode-3.1.2 source release. I had planned to do more, but got distracted
by work etc. So I thought I had better make some kind of release of what
I had done.

This release is only minimally tested, I built a couple of "hello world"
type programs on my linux/x86 system and ran them on my darwin/x86
machine without problems using both a gcc cross compiler and clang. No
serious testing has been done. I have not tested it at all on darwin,
though it did at least build for me once, a few weeks ago.

Other notable things:
ld64 has a -force_load flag to load all members of specific archives.
(this is a feature from the iphoneos 3.0 source release).
ld64 will use libLTO if configure detects it.
Builds as for all 5 arches.
requires libuuid.

I don't have much time to devote to odcctools, however if you have
problems, please do email me. If you want the problems fixed soon,
sending patches will help.

This release wouldn't have been possible without the previous work of
Shantonu Sen, and Apple's release of the source code for all the
projects that are required to build ld64 and cctools (I hope the sources
for the new projects that are required to build the ld64/cctools for Mac
OS X 10.6 are also made available when that is released).

The tarball is available here (yes, it is just checked in to svn):
SHA1 sum is:

The svn repository is hosted at

Peter O'Gorman

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